1. I stay/live in Denmark but not able to register with Vopium Pay using another country’s mobile number?
Currently, only users with valid numbers issued by Mobile Network Operators from Demark can subscribe to Vopium Pay services. As part of the sign-up process, Vopium Pay sends a 4-digit PIN for verification purposes to the same number (used for registration).

2. Why should I complete my profile with details?
Providing profile details on Vopium Pay makes your transfers safe, secure and helps you avoid unwanted delays in money transfer.

3. Is it secure and safe to share my profile details inside Vopium Pay App?
It is absolutely safe and convenient to have your profile data along with photo in Vopium Pay. All information related to customers is treated with utmost care ensuring both safety and security. Vopium Pay app uses profile information for verification purposes only and saved information will only make your repeat usage more efficient. As per our terms and conditions, we would not share your personal information with any third party without your consent.

4. What will happen if I have provided inaccurate profile details?
Putting incorrect and/or incomplete information will prevent the specific transaction from being processed successfully. In case the information found is incorrect, such user may also find himself/herself barred from using Vopium Pay services.

5. What do following icons indicate as visible on ‘Recent transfers’ page?
The icons indicate your current state of money transfer.

Transaction Statuses Explanation
1. Transaction has been initiated and is under progress
2. Transaction under review. Will be processed within max 12 hours
Transaction blocked. Please contact Support from app’s Settings section
Transaction is confirmed
1. Transaction is confirmed & ready for cash-out
2. Transaction is being verified by Bank (in case of bank account transfer)
1. Transaction Completed successfully
2. Transfer Completed successfully
6. Where can I find my transaction ID?
Transaction ID can be viewed under transaction details available within ‘Transfers’ menu.

7. How does beneficiary receive the required transaction ID for Cash Out?
Vopium Pay automatically sends an SMS with transaction ID to the recipient’s mobile number as provided by the sender. It is recommended that the sender should confirm if the receiver has received the SMS. In case SMS has not been received, the sender can safely communicate the transaction ID over the phone, via SMS or e-mail. Only the person with an ID card that matches the recipient name will be able to collect the money.

8. What information does beneficiary need to successfully collect cash?
Beneficiary is required to provide transaction ID and valid CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) to collect cash from the bank. Other details like sender name, sender country or amount sent may also be crosschecked prior to releasing funds.

9. What is processing fee?
Processing fee is a service fee including transfer and handling charges while ensuring funds are ready for Cash Out foProcessing fee is a service fee including transfer and handling charges while ensuring funds are ready for Cash Out for the beneficiary or transferred directly to the provided bank account. Currently, as part of the initial launch promotion, Vopium Pay is offering 100% waiver on processing fee. Please note that this is a limited time offer and subject to change any time.

10. How often do exchange rates get updated inside Vopium Pay App?
Vopium Pay updates the exchange rates after every 6 hours. The frequency of update may change over time.

11. What happens if exchange rates get changed after I transfer money but the cash not yet collected by beneficiary?
If a transaction is complete then cash out would be given as per the committed rate. But in case the rates changes during transaction then it would be notified to the remitter before initiating the transaction.

12. Which countries could I make transfers to?
Currently money can be transferred only from Denmark to Pakistan. In future, we are aiming to expand our services covering other countries.

13. Are there any physical counters/locations to submit cash to be transferred?
Vopium Pay is a mobile service. You can cash-in only through Mastercard/VISA powered debit/credit cards.

14. How do I contact customer support?
You can contact customer support anytime from inside the Vopium Pay App using our email or call feature. Our support agents are fully trained to respond and finding a resolution in the best and efficient manner. Please note that resolution time may vary due to nature and complexity of a reported issue.

15. How much time it takes for money to be ready for cash out from the time my transfer is done in the app?
Money would be ready for cash-out once the transaction status would be shown as ‘Transaction Confirmed and Ready for Cash-out’ in the app. It is almost instantaneous.

16. How long before transfer is completed inside the app and funds are ready for Cash Out at beneficiary’s side?
Once transaction status shown as “Ready for cash-out” in the app beneficiary can withdraw the cash. In most cases it is almost instantaneous.

17. If I lose my phone or is stolen, can anyone use this app?
As long as another person is not aware of your card details, they cannot use this app to make any transactions. Moreover, your card details will more secure if you enabled Touch ID feature of Vopium Pay.

18. Is it possible to access my Vopium Pay account from another mobile?
Yes, but as soon as you log in from a different mobile, you will automatically be logged out on your previous one.

19. Is there a desktop client for using Vopium Pay services?
No. Currently, Vopium Pay is only available for use on mobile phones using our apps based on both Android and iOS platforms. However, we are working on a browser-based client which will be available for use on your PCs and laptops using an internet browser.

20. Do I need to save Transaction IDs?
Transaction IDs are automatically saved under transaction details accessible from within ‘Transfers’ menu. However, we encourage all users to save it separately as well.

21. If I change my mobile, will I still be able to use Vopium Pay? What if it employs a different operating system?
Yes, you will be able to use your Vopium Pay account on a new device as long as it is either Android or iOS. Once you sign in all your transaction and profile details would get updated in your new phone.

22. Can I change or update my Profile?
You cannot completely change the profile. However, you can update / change spellings of your name up to 3 characters only. You can also change your profile picture anytime.

23. Why am I asked for ID verification?
ID verification is required to authenticate the remitter. It might also be required if a specific transaction is deemed suspicious or details related to remitter or beneficiary are associated with security threats. Furthermore, it will also be required if assigned limit on the amount one can transfer is reached.

24. Is ID verification a one-time activity or could I be asked more than once?
ID verification is normally a one-time activity. Once verification is satisfactory, you would be able to send money without any further inconvenience. In exceptional cases, you may be requested to reconfirm your identity.

25. I have not used the correct name for beneficiary and the money has already been debited from my account. Am I still able to change beneficiary’s name?
No. As soon as you realize that beneficiary’s name is not correct, please contact our support team immediately. Support team will assess change of beneficiary name and will take necessary steps accordingly.

26. What should I do if beneficiary is refused payment at the Cash Out counter?
Please contact our support team to understand the possible reason(s) for refusal.

27. Does the processing fee vary based on my amount of transfer?
Currently we do not charge any Processing fee.

28. What if I have to send money to specific beneficiary time and again?
Currently you cannot automate your transactions. However, we are aiming to make this feature available soon.

29. What should I do if I see an error prompt?
Please contact our support team and share details about the error prompt and follow their advice.

30. Can I send money to bank accounts instead of cash out?
Yes, you just need to select “Banks” on the “Receiver Details” screen and enter the required information. You will need to select the bank, enter IBAN number, choose a purpose for transfer and provide the receiver’s mobile number.

31. What is an IBAN number?
IBAN is a 24-digit alphanumeric number for the receiver’s bank account. You can ask the receiver for his/her IBAN number or generate it on the bank’s website using the receiver’s account number.

32. Which banks are covered by your service?
1. Allied Bank Limited
2. Habib Bank Limited
3. Muslim Commercial Bank
4. National Bank of Pakistan
5. United Bank Limited
6. JS Bank
7. Bank Al Falah
8. Dubai Islamic Bank
9. Habib Metro Politian Bank
10. Summit Bank Limited
11. Silk Bank
12. Deutsche Bank
13. Samba Bank
14. Meezan Bank
15. Bank Islami Pakistan Limited
16. Bank Al Habib
17. Soneri Bank Limited
18. Oman International Bank
19. Faysal Bank Limited
20. Askari Commercial Bank
21. Bank of Punjab
22. Sindh Bank
23. The Bank of Khyber
24. Tameer Microfinance Bank Ltd
25. Al-Barka Bank
26. Standard Chartered Bank
27. First Women Bank
28. Tokyo Mitsubishi

33. Why is there a processing time when I make transfer to a bank account?
We route the transfer through our partner network in Pakistan which occasionally takes some time. Please contact support if your status doesn’t change for more than 24 hours.

34. What is Fetch Bank Account Name?
Once you select a bank name and provide IBAN, we will fetch the receiver’s bank account name for you when you select “Fetch Bank Account Name”. This helps in verifying that the IBAN is correct and you are sending money to the intended receiver. If the fetching service does not work due to some reason, you will be asked to provide the receiver’s name by manually entering it in the specified box.

35. Is it mandatory to provide “Purpose of Transfer”?
Yes, as per regulatory requirements, you need to provide a purpose for the money being transferred. For your convenience, you can choose from a list of options from the drop down menu.

36. Why do you require the receiver’s mobile number?
We use the receiver’s mobile number to send a confirmation once money has been successfully transferred to his/her account.

37. Is there any extra fee for transferring the money to bank accounts instead of cash out?
No, currently there is no processing fee for transferring money to bank accounts.

38. Can I save my card details to use it for later transactions?
Yes. Your card details are saved by default after the first time you enter them. However, if you do not want to save them, just uncheck “Store card for future payments” option on the “Payment” screen before proceeding.

39. Can I enter a new card which is different from my saved card?
Yes, when you come back for a repeat transaction, you will see your current card details on the “Payment” screen. Just select the “Use different card” option below and it will allow you enter new card details.

40. Can I save more than one cards?
No, currently you can only save one card at a time.

41. What is the Touch ID option?
You can use your device’s touch ID as additional security before the app is launched. It is important that your device supports touch ID and the settings are enabled on it.

42. How can I enable Touch ID?
Open the Vopium Pay app and go to Settings. Open the Touch ID option and enable it. The app will ask for a 4-digit back-up PIN code which can be used if your Touch ID verification fails for some reason. Once enabled, you will be asked to provide Touch ID (or PIN code in case of failure) every time you launch the app or bring it to foreground from background or unlock device while app was opened. Please note that the Touch ID for Vopium Pay is the same as what you are currently using for your device.